Water - Comes before Human

"Thousands have lived without Love, not one without Water" -H.Auden

22nd March - World Water Day 😏. But that is not for us. Correct ? How banausic or slavish we are !

Water is the Life. Isn't it? Without water, Every single living being's life would be zero. As we all know 71% of Earth's surface is covered with Water and surprisingly 96.5% of that is within all the Oceans on Earth. Sadly, Ocean water is not drinkable. So, only 3.5% of drinking water is available in Rivers, Lakes, Glaciers, Icecaps, in the grounds as soil moisture, in the air as vapor, and even in you and in your dog, cat.
Another interesting facts are that up to 60% of Human Adult body is made of water. The Brain and Heart are composed of 73% Water, and the Lungs are almost 82% Water. The skin contains 65% Water, Muscles and Kidneys are 80% and even our bones are 31% watery. So, How water is 
important in our life you very well understood.

Now, intention to chose this topic to shake your static but live inner soul. We all forgot the value of easy and free available natural resources given by our mother earth & God.

Here is a very short film by Sintex Industries, showing us an importance of The River. It is enough to understand our water wasting and polluting activities.

Everyone knows that famous quote we heard from our elders, "Build a Ridge before Water". Unfortunately as a human, instead of precaution we just becomes a part of collateral damage situation. 
Government trying their level best to teach the rain harvesting system and importance to the dry zones where annual rain income is below an average. Like example Rajasthan State has an average rain of 100 mm to 400 mm overall except southern Rajasthan which is having good rain. But forget south part, majority zone comes under 100 to 250 mm annual rate of rain. 800 mm is an ideal required good value of rainfall per year. We just getting 25% of required rainfall. Why can't we as an individual saves water? 
Harvest the Rain water to your underground water tank, make artificial ponds covering with vaporization protection for your farming purpose. You can't just be dependent on Canals, Dams, Rivers. Many rivers in India vanished due to non-maintaining of water levels. We used them like anything for our selfishness and we lost them. 

I am not an expert in Rain Harvesting, but yes I can share expert's ideas in given link. Must visit and read link.

I hope you have read all the ideas from above link, and you will surely apply at your family level. Showing statistics are not my interest here. It will be change by changing our negative attitude and converting it into positive energy. 
Don't think Why only I should do ? Think How I can be inspiration to others !
Don't think for credit and fame, think about satisfaction and success.
It is the only permanent thing. 
One line from one movie, 'Ye jo Desh he tera, Swadesh he tera, Tuje he pukara'
Means It is your country, your own homeland who calls you in broken times.

So, make up yourself and get ready to protect our Water sites. Join local community in your area which is active towards Green India(Trees), Blue India (Water). Keep in touch with your city's municipality or city centre. Rejuvenate yourself first then you can inspire your friends, co-workers, colleagues. 

How to create awareness on Nature, we will see in 'Conservation Article'. Keep in touch with the us. We are also a part of community actively work for mother nature.

For today, this is it. While washing your hands, showering in bath, running tap water while washing utensils; just think about the person who walks for miles for drinking water daily even as of today.

Jai Hind ! Save Water, Save Planet, Save Yourself


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    1. I am glad that you find it useful for your exams. My writing is now worth.


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