Why Do We Trek ? Benefits & Essentials of Trek


Why do we trek / travel?

Why we do trek to nature or travel to world? Why we quit routine, works, office for few days and carrying trekking / travel essentials things in the bag and go to Jungle, Mountains, Tourist Places in the world? 
What is the point of struggling to get all the way to the top of mountain, carrying own heavy load?

General answer will be, like to go for trek because we love the change. We like the nature, we like to travel, we are not machine that works 24 x 365. We need some break that's why we travel or trek.

Really ? Stop here for a while. These are your basic thoughts for travel. 

Whenever you will understand importance of trek or travel, it will not be your routine break or  routine change, but it will become your habit, passion, compulsion, requirement or necessity. ! And it has to be that only.

Travelers travel or trek to get away from the constraints of everyday life to find the rhythm of nature. But to make the most of your travel or trek, you have to prepare for it ! 
Let's understand first importance of it.

Benefits of Travel & Trekking

  • Trekking or travelling is a one type of physical activity with hundreds of virtues regardless of the duration of your trek, location or even your physical fitness.
  • Develops your physical limits
  • Increase muscular activity results in improved capacity working of organs
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Increase your cardiovascular and respiratory system capacities
  • Improves Bones capacity
  • Improves self healing system
  • Adding Discipline, Helping nature in real life
  • Increases awareness towards Eco System, Travel, People, Culture, Nature
  • Spreads Humanity, Love, Care, Helping Hands
  • Knows yourself better

Types of Travel or Trek

  • One day Trek, Solo Trip
  • One week Summer vacation trip with Family, Friends
  • Expedition of 15 days or more
  • One Month or more for Large tour

Trek Essentials

You have to understand the need of essentials based on your travel type, duration and travel season. Here we will cover all essentials which you required for any trek or travel.
We have divided the items into in to Six Categories.

(A) Trekking Gears

Back Pack / Rucksack with Rain Cover
- 10 litre, 20 litre backpack for one or two day travel
- 30 litre to 50 litre backpack for three days to five days of travel or trek
- 60 litre to 90 litre or more for your one week or more days of travel or trek

Because your selection of Backpack or Rucksack defines your expertise. Along with selection, packing of Back Pack is another most important thing for your trek or travel.
Here is a video for understanding.

Small Bag Pack - Recommended for special summit day in trekking

Trekking Shoes - Proper Sole, High Ankle, Grip on Uneven Surface, Non-skid type Shoes - 1 Pair

Slipper/Sandals - Light weight Slipper - 1 Pair

Water Bottle - 1 Litre water bottle + Water Purification Tablets - 2 Nos Bottles recommended

Trekking Pole - For Support on Terrains and on Uneven Surfaces - 1 No

Torch - Head Torch as well as Small Handy Torch with extra batteries - 1 No

Sunglasses - UV Protection Sunglasses strongly recommended - 1 No

Water Proof Gloves & Fleece Gloves - Water proof requires only in snow treks - 1 Pair

(B) Clothing Essentials 

Fleece Jacket - Windcheater Jacket - 1 No

Quick Dry T-Shirts - Long Sleeves (Use 1 T-Shirt for at least 2 Days) - 2 No 

Winter Jacket - Good Quality 3 Layer Jacket recommending - 1 No

Track Pants - Quick Dry Pants - 3 No

Shorts - use in summer treks - 2 No

Under Garments & Thermal Inner wears - 4 Pairs Under Garments & 2 Pairs for Thermal

Balaclava, Bandana, Woolen Cap - For covering face and neck against dust and wind

Quick Dry Towel - Available in Local Market - 1 No

Woolen Socks & Cotton Socks - 2 Pairs each

Rain Coat or Poncho - 1 Pair

Sleep Clothes - Keep Sleeping Cloth Separate to avoid any sweat infection on body - 2 Pair

Swim Suite - Depends on your trek or travel not necessary for all trips - 1 Pair

Sun Shield Hat or Cap - 1 No
A Perfect Traveler or Trekker

(C) Toiletries

Small Towel - For Sweating use this small towel - 2 Nos

Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste - Small Size - 1 No

Toilet Paper Roll - This is important and compulsory - 1 Roll

Paper Soap - For washing your hand after toilet or before lunch - 20 Paper Minimum

Sunscreen Cream - SPF 50 recommended for normal trek (SPF 70 for high altitude Snow Trek) - 50 gm Pack or smallest pack is enough

Lip Balm, Moisturizer, Hand Sanitizer, Anti Bacterial Powder - All mentioned required - Small Pack

Shampoo Pouches - 3 Nos is enough - Because available at everywhere

Tissue Papers - In case of your all handkerchiefs are wet, you can use to clean your hand and face

Face wash - Smallest Pack - Not compulsory but keep for wash after trek

Comb - Better you go with hair cut smallest size - believe me it will save your time

(D) Snacks & Drinks

Dry Fruits & Nuts - Pack your dry fruits in small small packs - 150 gm is enough

Chocolates - Keep Orange & Lemon Flavors for instant energy - 20 Nos

Biscuits - 100% Grain Biscuits - 5-10 Packs (1 Pack of 15 Biscuits)

High Energy Protein Bars - Peanut Chikkis Home Made - 20-30 Pieces

Tea/Coffee - Ready Made Pouch to take with Hot Water - 10 Pouch

Dates - It is a good source of various vitamins and minerals, energy, sugar & fiber - 20 Pieces

Electrolytes, Glucose Powder - Instant Mix in Water for Quick Energy
Imaginary Photo

(E) Utensils & Miscellaneous

Small Lunch box, Spoon & Fork - Personal is good option for ready to eat items

Mug or Small Glass - For Tea / Coffee or Soup - 1 No

Camera with Extra Batteries & Tripod - If you are photographer then these things are necessary - But Still to avoid extra weight you can click from your mobile phones

Power Banks & Chargers - This is important as you can find no plug point for isolated areas

Safety Pins - In Emergency Use - recommended - 3 Nos

Plastic Bags - Separate wet clothes from other dry ones - half dozen 

Candles with Match Sticks, Plastic Rope

Card Games - UNO or 52 Cards

Whistle - In Emergency case, you can call for help - 2 Nos
Reservation, Tickets, Emergency Numbers, Money, Identity Cards - In One Small Bag

Medical Certificate - Fitness Certificate from Local Doctor - Must Required with Doc Seal Stamp Signature

(F) Personal Medical Kit

Medicines - Common Cold, Fever, Headache, Stomachache, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Painkiller

Cotton - Sterilized cotton preferring 

Antiseptic Cream

Bandages or Gauze

A Small Scissor, Thread & Needle


- All Above Medicines keep in good sealing box to avoid weather effect. 
- Not recommending any lotion or other creams as observed most of the time leaking from bottles. - Consult your family doctor before taking any prescriptions of medicines because at High Altitude body will react different on same medicine you using at your home.
- Any Anti Inflammatory drug for Acute motion sickness, use it strictly after doctor consultation only. 

That's all for Essentials of Trek.

At the End, it does not matter which trek it is, what the mountain you are conquering and show low the temperatures plummet if you know what trekking essentials to pack it will help you deal with whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Except maybe if you’re attacked by a bear or snow leopard. In that case, you’re on your own.

I Hope you enjoyed this informative article. We invite your comments for any query regarding Trek or Travel Tips.

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