Time Machining

What I understood from Time is that it goes through, passes through transformation. It is just relative matter you are comparing with your body which becomes old day by day.
It reminds you how much you have lived on this planet and God knows how much you will live.
With due respect to all my readers, I got request to write on Time Management. Well time is the main part in Einstein's popular relative theory of universe. So, time is global. 

But in our life style, time is the thing which floats on clocks and calendars. Let's manage our work in this floating time but constant parameter.

Life will be fun, if you will be handling time very well. But how we will handle time. 
Missed trains due to being late by 5 minutes?
Left question to be answered in examination due to poor time managed?

Ethiopia country is almost 7 years behind due to their calendar structure. But that doesn't mean they are behind us. You were never been a late or never was early. It's just a hallucinations of time.
Here, without describing more theories on time, I would like to share how to set ourselves in time. Just paddle it properly and it will sync with wave. Just do the right thing on the paper in proper time frame. 

8+8+8 rule is one of the famous theory for Time Management in top most businessmen or Personalities. But here I will not repeat those theories.
Let's assume our time into 2 parts:
1) Virtual Time
2) Real Time

Here you can set priority for your to-do task based on above 2 categories. This is my theory and definitions. So, do follow if you feel correct by applying in your life.
80:20 :: Real:Virtual

What is Virtual Time?
Using yourself engaged in the work which directly connected to virtual world that is called Virtual Time. Virtual Time is a part of Online Web Surfing, Social Media engagement, YouTube Surfing. I am not saying this are unnecessary but it definitely eats our productive time. There is no example that any person growing with giving priority to Virtual Time.

What is Real Time?
Use your real time to work harder, smarter, better by taking step up decisions. This decisions can be no use of social media, gaming, chatting, watching YouTube while your office work, family time, food time. 

Use your latest gizmos for part of your work. If you are sharing some false viral message to several contacts, you are wasting their time and making them as a part of your sharing chain which you were already of some other! Stop sharing viral and false things.

Keep utilizing your moments in productive works, read books, read blogs on web. Give your phone a permission to monitor your virtual time, so it can warn you before to become web monster.
Web Monsters
Understand Time Importance:

1) Spend maximum time in your favourite work (Virtual Time must not be favourite)
2) Don't waste a single second 
My Ultimate teacher said, "you have a thought comes in a mind that you will do this work after few seconds also is a sign of laziness".
3) Earn respect from time (How ? By giving respect to time)
ex. Do work time to time, not a bit early, not a second late. 
In the time of Ironman Sardar Patel, his librarian person was setting his clock time by observing Sardar Patel's exit time.
4) The key is in not spending time, but investing in it. 
5) It is irreversible. 
6) The great warriors are Time & Patience.
7) If you want to leave footprints on sands of Time do not drag your feet.

That's all for Time today. Managing schedule of your work in time-frame is your homework. 

We engineered time in this article. Let's put your remarkable point on Relentless Time.

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