Lion Roars, Dragon be Shocked

He/She: Hey, What's Up?
Me: Nothing Much. Work From Home. What About You?
He/She: Same here, Bored at Home. Need to go out for work/travel/shopping/movie/food/meetings etc.
Me: So True. Take Care. Bye!

Hello Readers, 
Jai Hind. 
Read the above conversation? This is our normal routine chat in social media.

In the current scenario of COVID Pandemic, everyone's business or service starts in the field with full protection and proper social distancing. But true COVID Warriors are those who were on their standing legs from the beginning with patients and also those who are doing duty on the roads and borders to protect us. 
We don't know how to fight back with this situation. But one thing is sure, discipline and self-awareness generated in our minds. We became more careful. In this situation, how we can retaliate to corona and corona producer country (Everyone got the hint which country I am talking about, tell in a comment about that country). Tell boldly about that country in comments without telling its name.

First of all, we all know India must become self-reliant in the coming years. But how we can put our action for that? Stop Buying from China? What we can do now to stop buying from that country to save our country and economy?

Almost 8 out of 10 items around us is totally made in China or sub-part of it manufactured in China. Recently in social media so much circulation about boycotting China. I agree to ban their products in India, But my simple question is how ? Are we really ready to take this step or just sharing because everyone are sharing and in this days "Patriotism Josh" is on high Sir? 

Until we will take any initiative to build totally in India with resources of our own then only our efforts will be worked out. If we will going to search for LED Series lights for Diwali lighting then you are lighting up our cross border country by giving them economy balance. We have to stop anyhow these products sooner or later to uplift our personal economy and country's economy. 

Now, someone will ask me, how our personal economy can be uplift? The answer is as simple as the current Pandemic complexity. 
Someone lost their father, someone lost their mother, brother, sisters, grandparents in this pandemic. Isn't it fair enough costly? Due to mistake or by intentionally, Virus came from the enemy that is a fact. 

I always used to say "Chappal Chor Country" to them. Because what we getting in return is Pandemics, Arunachal Pradesh conflicts, Ladakh Issues, J&K Invasions, Terrorism from neighbours, Nepal Issues. There are many other countless problems given by them and still, we are fighting against them to stabilize and to secure our borders. Can't we do compromise with our brand addictions? Make a decision today, at this moment and take a strong pledge which you can follow until your last drop of blood and last breathe.

See this Video of GDP Growth for your understanding. If we will not react early and properly then this situation will be for sure.

We are not having any problem with any particular but if that act results in against our own people then definitely we should stop that act. There are a lot of Indian Products in the Market. You can make sure by reading product details in information. Your small step will outcome with the large consequence in future.

Let's 'Vow' for the 'Wow' Future.

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  1. Good and very well explained ariticle...👍

  2. Very easy way to understand 👍

    1. Achha. Thanks for understanding.. Now act on it as per Article. Take a Pledge.


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