Har Ki Doon - "Valley of Gods"

Yes, it is Valley of Gods. The Valley where locals say, "Voice (Dhun) of Gods can be hear if one has pure soul and heart".
Finishing 1st anniversary of this mesmerizing trek, I am writing my experience in this article.
It was 20th of June 2019. We took our seat, the train has given alarm by long whistle and we left for Delhi from Ahmedabad Railway Station. Next day morning from ISBT Kashmiri gate we got the bus for Dehradun. By the way here "we" means Trekkers Vardhan (Myself) & Samir. We stayed at Dehradun OYO Hotel. Next day we woke up early around 4.45 AM. We off for the Dehradun Bus Stand where we could get USRTC Bus or Sharing Vehicle for Sankri. 
We seen a long queue at Bus Stand, we moved to Taxi Stand and hired a shared vehicle. We both all set for our Mountain rides.
Around 2:20 PM we reached to Sankri village (Route: 210 Km - Dehradun-Mussorie Bypass-Nainbagh-Naini-Purola-Netwar-Sankri)

Few clicks during our journey to Sankri.
Our stay was at GMVN Guest House. We were warmly welcomed by Trek Organizer team. Freshen up and we were served Tea Pakoda.

Sankri Village :
Basic Information:-

How to Reach : 
By Car/Taxi - From Dehradun 190 km via Mussorie-Purola-Netwar
Nearby Railway Station - Dehradun Only 190 km
Nearest Airport - Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport

Elevation - 1920 meter (6460 ft) from sea level
Population - 300 around people
Attraction - Juda Ka Talab, Govind Pashu Vihar National Park, Zip Line Adventure Activities
Accommodation - GMVN Guest House, Homestays
Sankri is a base camp for more than 7 Treks. It is a beautiful village in Garhwal region. The village is full of Apple Trees everywhere. 
First Evening rested with playing cricket with these kids. 
The village kids are really superhumans. They have no fear to do adventures, obviously, they living at such an adventurous place.
Day Ends.

Next day, early morning we were ready to start our trek. It started with an escapade jeep ride.
Sorry, I didn't have ride photo as it was difficult to take the photo while riding on curvy roads. But still, here one Photo that will show you trickiness of road.

Reached to 'Taluka' Village which is last motor-able road and starting point for Har Ki Doon trek. Taluka village is also beautiful as you can see stunning views of mountains. We started our trek on this beautiful trail.
Today we had to reach 'Puani Garaat' by walking almost 10 km. We had seen never forgotten views on the route. Our route was passing through Gangar Village and dense forests. Mesmerizing and Adorable! 
We reached to our camp site 1 around 5.00 PM.  
You guys might think that way too many photographs, but this is the only thing I can share with you. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this trek. Trekkers have rated Har Ki Doon as a most beautiful trek of India.

We camped our tents in an open area. Evening it was raining, ate our dinner and team slept early.

Day 2 started with this scenic landscape. Team was ready with equipment.
Today we have to reach 'Kalkatiyadhar' from 'Puani Garaat' by elevation 8280 feet to 9000 feet. 
Have you ever thought about your daily monotonous work? What you are doing? What is your daily working goal? Here on this trek, we felt that every day you will be having the same goal of reaching base camp before evening. But the difference is here, destination and the way both are unknown and beautiful. And that teaches us a lesson which helps us to grow. But our routine doesn't help grow us.
Above photos of Local People, Landscapes coming on the route.
Kalkatiyadhar is a camp site which is prior to Har Ki Doon valley. Because camping at Valley is not allowed due to keeping it clean. 
Every reader has played Hide & Seek game with their friends. But here Clouds were playing this game with us.
This is the view from our camp.

The Last phase of Har Ki Doon Trek is continued to Part 2. In the second part, we have covered Har Ki Doon Valley View, Marinda Tal and return journey. Second Part doesn't miss to read. You will get full clarity of this Trek through it.

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