"Har Ki Doon" - A Sequel

I Hope you have read our "Har Ki Doon - Valley of Gods" part, which is preface to this article. Readers have any question regarding trek can be asked in comment section. Every reader read this EBAC page, this will enhance your skill and will encourage you to write something. Extra Ordinary article writer will be rewarded.
So, in previous article we were stayed at Kalkatiyadhar Camp Site.
To keep Har Ki Doon Valley clean, authority has decided not to permit for camping near 5 km to Valley. We should keep discipline in cleanliness, don't litter your place, house, street, area, city, district, state, country. Make your mind clean, output will be clear. Don't make mind dirty, output will be dirt only.
We started our last campsite to Valley trek with Slogan of our guide and leader Mr.Dipak, "Jil Mil Jil Mil Dhum Dhadaka, Hu ha Hu ha". Once again repeat with your energy and high josh, Mr.Dipu said. And we energized !
Photo of Valley with Guest House of Forest Department and GMVN. Permitted to Government Forest Officials only.

It is believed that from this Valley King Yudhisthira went to Heaven with their Pandava Brothers. Swargarohini peak is just right to this Valley.
From here you can trek for Jaundhar Glacier, Bali Pass Trek, Borasu Pass Trek, Marinda Taal.
After spending few minutes in Valley, we started for Marinda Taal; further trek to a small Lake (Very small Lake). 
In between we walked on hard snow. Without proper gear, your feet can be sleep for sure. There you have to be very cautious. Negligible friction to your feet and hard snow makes you uncomfortable in walk.
After 2 km trek, we reached finally to Marinda Taal and ate our packed lunch. But beauty of this Taal made us so happy. We took group photo for summitting this point. Lake water was freezing cold, you will not believe putting your hand for few seconds make your finger cold burn. !
Marinda Taal with backside Swargarohini Peak ! Weather was not good, so photo was limited. Another one of snow walk.
Weather was so bad, you can imagine from above photo. Visibility was just 25 feet. We did snow skid after weather clears. Enjoyed totally !

Samir didn't make with us to this Taal. But he found another good place surrounding Valley. What he found was a small Shivaling and from there people hears a voice of Hari Dhun if some one has pure soul.
We back to our camp site. Took Group Photo for memory with all our cook, guide and leader.
In our team, 3 more trekkers from Surat and one from Pune. We all had great memories. We played UNO, watching mountains and taking sip of tea with popcorn ! What else more need anyone from this monotonous routine life. !
We started our back journey to Base Camp Sankri. We took different route for Gangar village via Osla Village. We witnessed of very old ancient village of Himalayas. Duryodhana Temple was main attraction of this Village. You can read about interesting facts of this Osla Village here.

One Interesting thing about Grain. We go to Ghanti Vala for our flour made from Grain. But what happen in Himalayas where power not available and Ghanti vala not available. Let's see this video how they have invented this solution. 1 Idea and 2 solution. See this video. (Click blue line link)
We stayed at Gangar Village for tonight. Home Stay. We ate Pahadi Sabji and Chapati. Interesting thing we cooked by our own. Enjoyed. Our legs were dancing due to tiredness. 
Next day we started trek for Taluka Village and from there Sankri via Jeep Ride. 
Few photos from our trek.
So, Finally we reached to Sankri Village with lot of Happiness and Golden Memories. Exiting from Govind Pashu Vihar National Park Click here for video.

We came to our Base Camp finally and safely. Planned for leaving to Dehradun around 2.00 PM but no vehicle/taxi available. So, we waited for next day early morning 5.30 AM local state transport bus. Yes, State transport buses are running to this isolated places. Whatever evening bus comes, it stays here and leave early for Dehradun in Morning.

First thing we did was tried to talk with family, told about our wonderful journey. We took rest and roamed to Sankri village. Still today whenever I remember those moments, my eyes filled up with tears. Dedicating first anniversary of this trek to Local people of Uttarakhand and my team mates. Yes, it was June 2019.

Like recharge of Mobile make long lasting talk-time, same like Trek once in a year makes our whole year charged. I confidently can say, after a trek you will not required any inspiration from videos or books. Because you became a part of inspirational story. Do explore the Indian and make inspire others.

Ok. End of Har Ki Doon Trek ???

Probably yes for Har Ki Doon but not for our journey. 

Because we planned another thing at evening with cup of a tea. 

We will see in coming article what we have planned. That is also amazing trip. !!

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