Udhagamandalam - Ooty - Part 2

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For those who start reading part 2 without reading part 1, it will feel like juice without fruit.

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Last Night, School students from Chhatisgarh accompanied me in Dormitory. 
While sleeping, I was thinking that Chhatisgarh is almost 1700 KM far in distance from Ooty. This school students were so lucky that their mentors brought them to here as a picnic. Every school teacher should approach their management to take their students to visit different places in India. This will enhance the cultural, historical and spiritual value of India in their state of mind.

(Note: Hot Water Service available in YHAI Hostel)

I checked out of the Hostel and came to the main road where I can get my Bus for Sightseeing (Bus booked yesterday morning). The bus was on time at 9.30 AM and I took a seat to the last corner. Bus engine started and day 2 journey started. But the bus stopped within 500 meters, waiting for a bunch of tourists from one hotel. Five young champs sat near my seat in Bus. The guide came in the bus and briefed about places to be cover in the full-day visit.

First Point we covered was Valley View Point. From here you can see the beautiful valley of Ooty and other villages. See the above image!

I introduced myself to those five students. They were from Dharwad - Karnataka. Our bus started once again, Now, we were out of the city area and on turning roads, we have seen Lush Green Tea Gardens on both our sides.

Even we stopped at one private tea garden to take mesmerizing photos of landscapes. We were told not to pluck any tea leaves. Because we have to keep the beauty of hills untouched. 

Also keep practice like that we should not deteriorate our wildlife, trees, historic monuments etc while exploring travel places. Those are the importance of particular places.

It is said somewhere, "Excellence is a Journey and Discipline is a Vehicle"

Shriharsh, come here fast. Anurag take my photo with Sudeep and Rohan, said by Rahul. The hills of Ooty has resounded by these 5 youngster's photo-taking moments in Tea Gardens.

We sat once again on the bus after a few minutes of Photography. Now, we headed to Coonoor road. The guide introduced MRC (Madras Regimental Centre) from outside. I already felt this place on the previous day, but today once again felt pride on Oldest Regiment of Indian Army. 

There are several war memorials in J&K, Himachal, Sikkim, Arunachal. Visiting those places make us understand the importance of our brave soldiers.

Next Stop was Mayur Tea Garden, private tea estate owner shop. We bought some varieties of Tea (Chocolate, Ginger, Cardamom, Lemon etc). Now, we were going to the highest point in South India Hills - Doddabetta. 

Doddabetta - Highest Point in South India
Elecation - 2600 meter (8000 Feet +)

There was a sudden change in the air, we felt cold. We covered our windcheater and closed windows.
Finally, we reached the highest point. Here we have been given 30 minute times to explore. But what I felt this was not enough time for this beautiful point. From this point, you can get a clear 360-degree view of Borders of Karnataka, Coonoor Valley, Ooty Valley, Avalanche Dam, Mukurthi Peak, Kethi Valley, Mettupalayam. One who goes by their own car should stay at least 2 hours to enjoy this point properly.

There was Tea Factory as well as Tea Museum near Doddabetta peak. We visited there to understand how Tea manufactures. 

I usually watch 'How it's made' and 'The Great Indian Factory' on Discovery channel while at home, but today I was directly witnessed to this part. There was an amazing manufacturing process of Tea. 

Here are a few photos of processing.
First Process
Green Leafs going in Dryer

Dried Leafs
Cut in small pieces
Packed after processed
In every business, people work hard, you have to value their work. So, I bought something from the museum and enjoyed the process of Tea. 

Website link for this Tea Factory: http://www.teamuseumindia.com/

It was 4.30 PM almost. So, we left for Ooty. The bus dropped us at Ooty Boat House located in Ooty Lake Point. This point was constructed by the John Sullivan (referred in Part -1). We visited inside. Took Selfie. By the way "सेल्फी का ज़माना है" |
Today was Sunday, I had to leave Ooty by tonight to reach office tomorrow morning on time.

We started walking towards Botanical Garden. But they decided to go to the Wax Museum. And I went to the Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden is the heaven for Naturist and Botanist. It was opened in 1847 for the public. A lot of varieties of different Trees, Plants, Fossil Woods and Flower Parks. One fossil wood kept here is 20 million years Old !! Will you believe? But it's true. Through carbon dating process you can get details of anything.

2 Crore Years Old Wood Fossil
More information on Botanical Garden Ooty: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_Botanical_Gardens,_Ooty

Jacques Delille says, " Display with Art these charming gilts of Heaven: Let every season have their brilliant bloom, their laughing colours and their rich perfume."

The pleasure of Gardening: "Gardening has been the inclination of Kings, the choice of philosophers the common favourite of the public and private man, a pleasure of greatest and the care of Meanest, and indeed an employment and possession for which no man is too high or too low"

In routine, I am facing inconsistency in watering a small plant at home, but here is a treasure of plants. How people have managed this Garden from the 19th Century is a thoughtful matter. So, it is must visit place for every traveller in Ooty Trip.

I left from this Garden around 6.40 PM. I started walking on the streets of Ooty. Once again I met Shriharsh, Anurag, Sudeep, Rohan and Rahul to say goodbye. We didn't know when we will meet again. Shared each other's contact details and memories, we separated on our way back with a heavy heart.

"Great Friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget."

These 5 buddies became so close in one day trip, was difficult to leave.

Tonight became so child, the temperature dropped to 6 C, roads became empty and I felt sad because I didn't want to leave this place. But job and responsibility is also our part to endure.

Thinking of the next trip while walking towards the bus stand because my bus was waiting for me ! !!

And the Journey once again Begins!
Thank You so much readers for reading my Ooty Trip. Keep travelling as Human Life comes after so long and hard time. Go, travel and spread Love, Humanity.

"Travelling - leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller"


  1. The Beautiful senary with wonderful friends makes the hardest way easy !!!
    It was really awesome to read on the experience.
    My memories with you and my other four friends refreshed.
    Let's have a reunion again at Ooty this time we shall enjoy the whole thing onse again

    1. Sure things in future. Will happy to reunite

  2. Being a part of this journey has left me mesmerized. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Most Welcome Rahul. I enjoyed a lot with you all.

  3. Thank you very much brother.
    I just read this article...

    Can you share your more tours experience....

    If you did explore some local place so pls share here.

    1. Sure, I will share my Local Experiences over time to time.


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