Travel Photography Key Points

Hello Travelers cum Photographers,
Photography is our childhood expertise. But every one has different grade in this class. We will try to show some points of photography specifically for travelling.

I always remember one sentence for my inside core skill of photography
"A Traveler went on a Road Trip, A Photographer returned !"

Yes, If you are a traveler and photographer then your schedule of trip might be different from regular traveler. 

Whenever we travel to such a place which we always wanted to visit and feel, but how we could rejuvenate the same feel of that Garden Smells, Mountain Memories, Sunset, Sunrise, Valley Landscape, River rafting, Roller coaster, Water Park Rides, Bike trip, Para gliding, Bungee, Snorkeling, Pot Holing and many adventure activities ? ? ?

The only answer of above question is Photographs. If we capture a photograph with all qualities and full details, then we could get last long and good memory. 

Traveler looking to mountains

relaxing pose

Above both photos say stories, a viewer can identify easily but the the person who is inside that photo can explain the story easily after the ages.

The reason behind ever fresh memory of capture is the angle of photo, captured details, broader area, natural lighting, special weather effects, natural movement etc.

Here is a link from National Geographic to all travelers to enhance tips and ideology for click.

Here, I am writing this easy methods for beginner travel photographer. Try to learn with new exercises with lenses, camera and clicking angle. 

Let's learn what is important while Travel Photography. 

First part is your Camera (Mobile/DSLR) :

1) Selection of Lenses
- 35 mm, 21 mm or 18-55 mm is best for landscape Photography
For mobile user no need of lenses

2) Select Right Mode
- Aperture Mode (If your weather not supporting you)
- Shutter Mode (If your subject is moving, like clouds, animals)
- Manual Mode (If you are Pro User, then this article is not for you)

For mobile user in expert mode you can select ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, EV. But Auto mode is preferable in still photo

Villager near lake with their buffaloes

Second Part is your surrounding :

1) Think out of the box idea of shoot

- Hear the story first then you will get better feeling in click
- Different Angles
- Think before shoot
- Don't click desperately

2) Click like you have to make this moment is frame in your drawing room in large size

3) Research about the place before travel

4) Write a story of that moment in your note to memorize years later

5) Be safe to yourself and other people

Third Part is your post photography exercises :

1) Post editing in photos (Highlight details, remove noise, color corrections, Hue, saturation correction)

This can be done in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom for RAW images

For normal Mobile Photos we can use our regular Photo edit (Right click on any photo)

2) Sharing with family and rejuvenate the memory

3) Frame it in your Living room, Bed room wherever you like

Post edited photo (Photo Credit : Ankit Patel)

Photo Credit : Ankit Patel Edited with Lightroom

I think this is enough for beginner travel photographer. More digging can be done with Manual Mode in Nightlight for star trails, Milky way shoot, city movement in night etc.

Here I am sharing one book link for more lessons. You can download it from Google Drive.

Any question related to photography tips are most welcome in comments, will try to answer all. 
Photography tips will be published in our telegram channel


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