Osla - An Ancient Village

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Today, I want to share an information on one of the ancient village of India situated in Uttarkashi District (State: Uttarakhand).

This village is believed to be "more than 2000 Years Old" and people of village have kept their culture and rituals as it is from their ancestors.

Here is the story of that beautiful village called "Osla" which comes en route the Har ki doon trek in Uttarakhand. Also you can say it is 25 km after Taluka Village.

Link to Find Village on Google Map : https://goo.gl/maps/iqMwwwnHdTjQDS7G6

Village Name : Osla
District : Uttarkashi
State : Uttarakhand
Elevation : 2590 meter from Sea Level
Population : 600
Food : Pahadi Sabji, Pahadi Roti, Potato, Wheat, Goat Milk

Being on remote place, this Village has it's natural habitats with clean environments and pure hearts. See the Beauty of this Villages in below images. After that we will go to our main story frame.
My Friend Samir is in light talk with Villagers
Finally they ready for Pose 

Vivek Bhamre watching Landscape Village House
A Local Villager carrying Sticks from Jungle
Now, Let's our Story Begin !

There was a lineage who faithful towards the Kaurava’s (Duryodhan) that lived in Osla.

They were so loyal to Duryodhan and still there on today that they built a temple for him and till date they preach Duryodhan and not any other God in Osla.

Osla is situated in the valley of Majestic Swargarohini Peak. It is believed that Dharm Raja Yudhisthir with one Dog was sent to Heaven through this way. The Ancestor of the People of this region have great influence of Characters of Mahabharat.

Osla has its own rules and regulations with it's own government. The people of Osla still dress up in a certain way and their attire clearly depicts their culture and traditions as we have seen in above photographs.

They have a king who visits the village once a month and that is when the main Pooja (prayer) is done for the entire village.

There are around 250 houses in the village with approximately 600 villagers. Every house has their own cows and goats which are their major source of milk. The villagers have potato and wheat fields, which is their sole source of food and income.
Duryodhana Temple !!
Playing Cricket with Locals at 10,000 Feet
View from Duryodhana Temple
Village Girl with Beautiful Smile
Let's talk about their house structure.

A typical home constitutes three floors – Upper floor for People, Middle one is for Sheep or Goat, and the lowest one is for cows. Mules stay outside.

Upper floor typically has three rooms alongside a long balcony overlooking the snow-clad Pine & Himalayan Cedar covered mountains. The rooms are minimalist having only cotton mattresses and quilts. Most of the homes however are smaller, constituting of just one room that serves as the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and everything else.
A Local Villager busy in her daily work
Their Main Art Work - Natural Old Weaving Machine
Only Shop open once in a week depends on Stock
Attention : There is no Electricity, No Communication Network, No Shops in this Village. Totally isolated from outside world. So, If you really want to enjoy the Culture and Ancient Village, these prohibition of modern technology is must.

Dances and Tradition :
People are so jolly, they used to enjoy every festival. They goes to their neighbours villages and take part in Pooja, celebration. They don't have any specific own dance culture except common pahadi dance.

Marriage and Tradition :
They don't Marry in own village, but they always marry to other village person. That is the rule.

How to reach :
You will reach Osla on day 1 after 15 km of trekking from another village called Taluka (There is only motorable road from Sankri to Taluka and then Taluka to Osla you must have to hike as no roads, only mountain trails).

The villagers will be more than happy to host you as their guests with minimum charges. !

Stay with them and help with your profession in free of cost. If you are doctor, engineer or social worker whatever, serve them by your knowledge and be a part of their hospitality during your stay and try to live with them for a day.

This is the only way to learn our Indian Ancient Culture.

Happy Travelling !


  1. I live in a village which is about thousands of year old

    1. Oh, that's great. What is the name of your village ? Give us some information. We will definitely visit.

  2. Some place really save indian traditionšŸ™

    1. Yes, that's our inner India. We have to save our culture and forward it to next generation.

  3. Nice writing structure and good information

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