My First Trek - A Mysterious Lake Roopkund

Yes ! It was a December 2014 when I sow dream in mind to trek in Himalayas, If I am not forgetting that phone call of my Uncle Trikam Dalsaniya for that being reason.

I was on my office work of sales visit in afternoon winter time in Ahmedabad, and his call rang. I picked up a call and first sentence he asked, "Vardhan, Jai Swaminarayan ! I am going to trek to roopkund, do you want to join ?" I was feeling mixed emotions of happiness and perplexity. I didn't talk for few seconds, he told, "What are you thinking Vardhan, this chance will not come again. Get the feelings of ultimate delight in lap of mother nature." I asked, How When With whom what time; all asked in one breathe due to my earnestness. He told, "you don't worry for that, I have all managed". And I have to follow him because he has done so many majestic treks in Himalaya like Kailash Mansarovar before 21st Century starts, also did Sarpass, Hampta Pass, Kasol and many more treks. This time we are going to put very first trek milestone of my list of treks and one more in his long list.

Time passed by weeks and weeks passed by months. One day my cousin called me and I mentioned about trek and how much I was excited. That moment only 2 months was remained to starting of trek, and he told me he wants to join trek at anyhow (Dhruv was just 17, youngest trekker in our batch). Now we are 3 and  have accompany of each other. But still we are feeling pending days are cutting like weeks. πŸ˜•

Finally that day came, it was 11 May 2015. We had a train from Ahmedabad to Delhi. We all set with all our trek essentials, medial certificate, trek receipt all necessary documents. Next day we reached in Morning 10 AM to Delhi. We have a train at night from Delhi to Kathgodam. What we will do until night, but thanks to Uncle he has a plan. He brought us to Delhi Akshardham temple. A Great Hindu Temple, in terms of everything - Technology, Spirituality, Management, Discipline, Devotees ! A Peaceful Place. We have seen almost 70% exhibition.

Forgive for bad quality of picture, See the joy on our faces πŸ˜€

We left for Railway Station at 6 PM as we were much aware of Metro City traffic. We had a Ranikhet Express Train at 11 PM around. We reached to Kathgodam early morning 5.25 AM. Last station to Uttarakhand of Haldwani Region. A View of Kathgodam Station really made us happy. 

Here is our vehicle ready to pick up our batch from Kathgodam and we will reach to base camp Lohajung (Base Camp for more than 5 Himalayan Treks). All batch mates coming from different regions of India.

Temple Photo : It is believed that you should visit this temple coming en route to base camp to successfully complete the trek. 

In between the route, we had taken our breakfast by watching mountains but we were sure that for next 5 days we will see memorable scenic breakfast and those moments will be print in our mind for lifetime.
Photo : Trikam Uncle is relaxing and Dhruv is watching mountains from roof of vehicle

With songs and talks, finally we reached to Base Camp after 10 Hours of Snake Ride - Left, Right, Left, Right, U Turn, L Turn, Sharp Turn. But still it is also a part of joy in journey.
Photo: Dhruv at Base camp Lohajung (Elevation: 7662 Feet)

Reached Lohajung around 4 PM and rain welcomed us with little shower, we enjoyed cloud's hide and seek game. Trek organizer warm greet us and served tea and pakoda. Dream snack for every mountaineer in Mountains.

Trek Day 1: Today we all equipped with trekking gears and ready to stretch our muscles.
It is going to be my and Dhruv first walk on trails of Mountains. We were so excited.
Photo : Pose is not matching with photo πŸ˜‰

You will get fresh and chilled but natural, clean and tasty water source in route, I bet this is the purest water I found ever than our city R.O. water.

Just an Illusion 😁

Today on the first day we felt so fatigue, because this was our first walk with our heavy trekking bags. Somehow myself and Dhruv has carried too much things so weight was more and that made us slow. Anyhow around 2.30 PM me and Trikam Unlce reached to basecamp, we legging all trekmates back along with trek leader and guide because I have the Trikam Uncle and experienced Trekker. Now, we reached to Didna Village our first house stay day 1.

Trikam Uncle putting his bag at Didna Village House Camp. (Elevation : 8045 Feet)

Evening trek leader taught us basic emergency plan , medical supports and they took our medical test. If we fail there, they could have send us back to Basecamp. But fortunately we all passed.

Day 1 end.

Trek Day 2: Today, it will be so memorable as it will pass through beautiful green meadows and landscapes.

Photo with Trek Guide

Photo with this champ

Our Day 2 campsite was at Ali Bugyal. Bugyal means Meadows - Grassland at High Altitude.
Today we had tough stiff climbs and so high elevation trails. It made us really tired but we enjoyed every landscapes. In route our trek organizer has provided hot packed meals from Didna Village itself. 
This is our second day camp site. (Elevation : 11,320 Feet 😦)
My Tent named Trisul - 1, Every tent has different mountain peak names

After reaching camp we were served hygienic khichdi, Papad, achar as evening nashta.

Good Night for Day 2. We were tired and slept early at 8.00 PM. Beautiful thing is that you can see stars, falling stars, Dhumketu very easily with bare eye. With the memories of nature and satisfaction we slept. Day 2 End

Trek Day 3 :
Gujarat Trekkers (Trikam Uncle, Dhruv, Giren Uncle, Sandip bhai, Vikram & hardik) before starting day3.

Today we will ascent to 12,818 Feet height. Ali Bugyal to Patar Nachauni via Bedini Bugyal and Ghora Latani.

Our trek leader has told that today we will see snow ! and even we will walk on that. So be ready with your energy. After few hours of walk we reached to the Snowww !

Today, we reached early to camp site, as today was just 7 km trek. We have surrounded by snowy mountains. The view was just awesome and satisfying to eyes.

Before ending the day and going to our tents, we enjoyed a lot, we played antakshari for long long time. We had full energy today. Next day will be challenging as it will be walk on snow and long path.
So, let's rest tonight.

Mr. Azhar Ali from South India Hyderabad, amazing pose at campsite

Trek Day 4 :
Starting with introduction of today's trek, we gathered at open area. I didn't forget to take this moment in my camera. This moment became so popular that it published in news paper in future.😎

Today trek route is Patar Nachauni to Bhagwabasa via Kalua Vinayak. 12,818 to 14,117 Feet.

In route we have seen on temple - Kalua Vinayak - A Ganesha Temple.

Today we reached at 1 PM to campsite, but unfortunately 4 trekker of our batch didn't make it. They have sent back to Patar Nachauni campsite as their health not well due to high altitude. To overcome this problem, our trek leader make us acclimatization walk, so our body could sustain in high altitude. Above 3000 Meter (11500 feet) every height is high altitude.

We walked on snow today, so precious moment. The best thing is that we were the first batch to roopkund trek of 2015. So, we felt all fresh snow. Crystal Clear and White.
 Photo with background of Trishul Peak.

We reached our campsite of Day 4
Tents were surrounded by so much snow.

We have enjoyed snow games, going top and free fall on snow made us crazy. We wanted to do whole day. But trek leader told this could be energy absorbing, Save your energy for tomorrow.

End of Day 4.

Trek Day 5: Today, early morning 4.00 AM we started our walk on snowy trails as we have to summit before afternoon and come back before evening.

Bhagwabasa to Roopkund to Patar Nachauni almost 15 km with 6 km snow trail.

Today, I was feeling severe headache but with the deep breathing and few exercise our trek leader allowed me to continue. That was the moment , I felt that If I could not make this then the climax of this trek would be missed. I prayed to God and started walking against headache and body ache.

Finally after 5 hours of trek in snow, we reached to the summit point (16,000 Feet) where we felt satisfying ourselves. That moment left my pain behind, we took group picture.

That was the point where Roopkund a Mysterious Lake is visible. 

Due to Full of snow it is not fully visible but come to September and see the skeletons inside the lake. You can read the fable of roopkund from Google. Here is link

As we have to trek long journey today, we started early from summit point. Around evening we reached to Patar Nachauni.

To our warm welcome and certifying our successful trek, nature also appreciated with snow fall. We all enjoyed and felt so happy. We were dancing in snow as we haven't feel this in our lifetime.

Photo quality not well, forgive for that.

Now, the climax I have disclosed to you. Rest journey is from Patar Nachauni to Lohaung via Bedini and Van Village (Ancient village)
Few photos are here of rest journey.

Certificate distribution and camp fire

Van Village pickup

Bedini Kund, where belived that Adi Acharya Vyas has written Veda

Trekkers on back to Basecamp route

Source of Water and Freshness

Namaste ! πŸ‘‹

Here we are finishing our 7 days long journey in Mighty Himalayas. Really that call from Trikam Uncle, If I could have denied to go, I can't feel myself with great memories. Trek with a great trekker is always great and life changing.

Today, this May Month it's fifth anniversary of my First Himalayan Trek. To celebrate I wrote this trek.

Summary and conclusion of this blog is that , we should leave our day to day routine and walk on unknown trail of Himalayas to learn the life lessons. Innocence, Humanity, Team Work, Support, Care, Love this words you can feel in mother nature.

Happy Trekking !

Comments about trek or any information are most welcome.   


  1. When I was reading this article honestly I just feel every moment of himalaya...
    You describe word to word even after 5 years.I done har ki doon trek with you seriously you are very enthusiastic and dynamic guy as well as my roll modelπŸ˜‡.
    I learned lots of thing from you.
    Thank you very much for this article.

    1. It is your goodness, I am nothing. We both have to achieve so many things in our life. Wish you good luck.

  2. Superb Article...!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    1. You are welcome for the team mate of next trek and it's story

    2. I want to join tooπŸ˜„

    3. Yes, you can join us. contact us in email. we will add you in our trekking team

  3. How many trek have you done ?
    Please share your experience!

    1. Particular me, I have done 4 Himalayan treks.
      Multiple in local hills in Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience

  5. Waw... VARDHAN..
    Awesome experience. Really you enjoyed a lot. You will be our guide when we plan to got there.

    1. Sure, Nikhil .. I will be happy to guide you.

  6. Great Article Vardhan...
    It is great to see you blogging and sharing your experience.
    Himalayas are indeed astonishing....


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