India - Nepal Border Disputes


Jai Hind Dear Indians,

On several requests to write an article on current border disputes between Nepal and India. This topic is here described based on truth and fact things, also my neutral views are given on this point. 

India is sharing geological borders to seven sovereign countries from centuries. India has never interrupted in Border which was declared officially LOC and kept activity within it. Although in past war history, India has returned the land field to a defeated country which was won in the war. The great height of Humanity shown by India in the past dates.

Why in News?
Nepal has unveiled a new tampered map of its territories shared with India, where Nepal has shown the Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyudhura in this map. Nepal turncoats to India like Covid19 creator country (No need to declare that name country). India has shared official statement to media coverage and said that India don't believe and don't accept this map.

Map of Kalapani dispute between India and Nepal 

Image source:- Twitter | Image by -  GreatGameIndia 

You guys can see that this highlighted land which covers Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyudhura area. Since more than 100 years it is a part of Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand.

" History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon "
                                                                      - Napoleon Bonaparte

Friends, you will be surprised to know that relations like India and Nepal has never been between any countries in the world. 

To this day, the border between India and Nepal is open and people from both countries can move and work with each other (No visa required). India's leadership and the Indian people have been conscious of the self-respect and pride of the Nepalese people. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote in The Discovery of India as also in Glimpses of World History that Nepal has been the only truly independent country of South Asia.
 Image source - Google | Image by -
⏩What is Nepal's stand?

- The controversy has given Nepal's Prime Minister K.P Sharma an opportunity to hide his government's incompetence and failure to meet the basic needs of the people and to divert attention away from the rising tide of opposition from within his own party. Nepal believes that we accept only one treaty which was an official treaty between British India and Nepal. Let's get information about that treaty.

The Sugauli Treaty

- In 1814 the Anglo- Nepalese war also known as Gurkha war was fought between the Kingdom of Gurkha and East India company. The main goal of this war was to expand territory in the mountainous north of Indian subcontinent. After 2 years of the battle, the war came to end with the signing of the "Sugauli treaty"

 {Image source:- Wikimedia Commons}
Anglo-Nepalese war end with signing treaty 
The Sugali Treaty stated that "the Rajah of Nepal hereby cedes to the East India Company in perpetuity all the under-mentioned territories", including " the whole of the lowlands between the River Kali and Rapti." It elaborated further that " the Rajah of Nepal renounces for himself, his heirs, and successors, all claim to or connection with the countries lying to the west of the river Kali and engages never to have any concern with those countries or the inhabitants thereof" 

The present controversy has arisen since the Nepalese contest that the tributary that joins the Mahakali river at Kalapani is not the Kali river. Nepal now contends that the Kali river lies further west to the Lipu Lekh pass. 

 Image source:- Google | Image by - Anush Subedi

The British used the Lipu Lekh pass for trade with Tibet and China. The Survey of India maps since the 1870s showed the area of Lipu Lekh down to Kalapani as part of British India. Both the Raana Rulers of Nepal and Nepalese Kings accepted the boundary and did not raise any objection with the government of India after India's Independence

- Here, I'd like to ask you what is your opinion after read the entire history as well as the arguments of both the sides who does the disputed border area rightfully belong to, in your opinion? India or Nepal? Write down your opinions in the comment section!

My Opinion:- 

- According to me, viewed geographically, then Nepal is correct in this situation. If we go accordingly to the Sugauli treaty, which states that the western boundary of Nepal would be defined according to the Mahakali river. So it is quite clear that where the river is divided into two, the western river is the bigger one and that should be used as a boundary. And according to this logic, Nepal is right.

 - But "if this situation is viewed practically and historically, then India is right, in my opinion. This region should belong to India because the British to have been using this as a boundary since the 1860s and if the monarchs of Nepal did not have an issue with it and this unofficial border was in use since many years so if suddenly Nepal begins to claim that they want the 100 years old border, then it doesn't make any sense."

- If every country begins to behave this way, then things will not work out. Think about it- if such a situation arises between Canada and USA, where the USA claims a particular region under Canada to be it's own because that region was under them during the times of their older kingdoms. Although it was not under them for the past hundred years, they now stake a claim over it. Things will not work out this way - there must be so many such countries and borders across the world where things were different earlier but something new has been set now.

- In the last, if you think logically, then this controversy should not have arisen because The border between India and Nepal is for namesake moreover, Indians and Nepalis can anyway cross the border without a visa or passport and can reside and work there which we already discussed. So why both countries should create controversy because nothing would be so special about the disputed area! 


- According to my point of view, India- Nepal border issues appear more easily solvable because India - Bangladesh maritime boundary issue was even more difficult but both the countries solved by bilateral talk hence we have to apply that strategy here to solve this conflicts.

⏩ This is the total analyses of India - Nepal border disputes. Give your valuable review and suggestions in the comment section. I hope you guys got all information.

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