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Regards to all travelers,

You might be called yourselves as a Travel Freak, Nomad Traveler, Travel "Kida" (Kida means one who having guts and will to travel to explored as well as unexplored places at any time, any place and with any one or solo most of the times).

Travelers are the one of them, who brings the momentous information to us or we can say on this kind of forum. Here on this informative forum I will try to relate our selves with nature. How we are connected with nature and why travelling is crucial and important part of life.

Let's begin with popular quote because through quotes only we gets inspired to take chance and travel like monk 😉 and to quarrel to live a better life-period.

Thoughtfully said by Saint Augustine.

But logically everyone travels. right? Yes..//Really ?

Answer is No!. Up to what extent you can say person has traveled a place with a brief knowledge.? Then answer will be Partial Yes and Partial No.

Now, coming to one step up logic. Even if person has got information how to travel such place and where to stay like etc etc travel question booklets.

But still that person has really enjoyed that travel place after his tour ? Then Most of answer will be No !

Sometimes person travels, capturing moments, selfies with latest trends. But what fills up in his heart and in his mind?

"Moments can be captured in Device will not be stay in Heart !" 

Because what minds capture is disgust of upsets, losses, conflicts happened during his travel due to unexpected or unplanned problems. So, make your mind beautiful and avenge less.

Let this story be sideline, and let's discuss on our travel kida matter.

I am having history of travelling from since I was 3 Year Old. 😇

चार साल की उम्र में, मैंने चारो धाम के दर्शन कर लिए |

I was blessed with travel Kida in my DNA. To remove your loneliness, narrow mindedness, one should travel. There are many ways of travel. You can term it in trekking, tour with family, adventure activities, local sightseeing, monument-museum-library visit etc. Leave your work, Go and Travel. Planning for family, money is important but travel fills the gap which money can't fill.

First of all, I will share here few steps of Travel and Travelers.

Step 1 :

Ask yourself few questions first in peaceful environment. (Generally ask yourself in night or early morning because at that time only you will get hygienic answer).
Put your answer on paper. Stick it on your table, cupboard, fridge whatever you like. Purpose for this is to get inspire day to day and you will make effort to get yourself travel. And also your family members will urge you to travel.

Self Question 1: Why you need to travel ?
Self Question 2: What kind of places you like to travel ?
Self Question 3: What time, Which days I have to dedicate for travel ? 

These 3 questions are for any beginners or any one who travels without planning to begin the trip. 

Step 2 :

Get every possible details of travel place with the use of Internet, friends, local guides, blogs. Obviously you will get Step 2 when you have done Step 1 Question 2 properly. 

Plan it on paper day wise. Get some numbers of travel place local persons/tourism govt officials from online. It will be helpful in critical situation like natural calamities or any other problem. 

Now, another few question ask yourself. You can do self analysis on any time.

Self Question 4: You want luxury travel or life learning economic Travel ? 
Self Question 5: What is your budget ? (I will discuss in some other blog for how to budgeting your salary and investment)
Self Analysis: Once Budget is finalized, do further analysis. How you can make it economic and those saved money you can use to help for local poor. That is my idea. You can do your best.

This could be enhancement to our tourism opportunity and trust in humanity.

Do well, Sleep Well, Plan Today for your Travel and make alive your "Kida" inside of your brain.

Happy Day to all !

*A Blogger has traveled to different places of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhyapradesh, Himachal Pradesh. And is counting on.

I will share information on how to budgeting for travel, Packing Ideas, Economy Travel Tips, my travel histories and happy memories over my next upcoming blogs and you travelers also share your moments in comments. 
Or else put your topics in comments which you want some special informative forum. I will try my best output for that.


  1. Good one, perfect analysis of traveling photos & actual feeling at that moment...
    & all steps are very helpful

    1. Thank you Divyesh. Keep reading. Will post further connected blogs.

  2. Appreciable writing.

  3. Thanks sir share this information.He has really sweet responses to basically all of these:] I really...... Loved this post.. This Blog ------ one the best blog.

    1. It is sweet that you loved my post. Keep asking if any query and curious question to any blog of mine.

  4. Thanks sir share this information.He has really sweet responses to basically all of these:] I really...... Loved this post.. This Blog ------ one the best blog.

  5. I love travelling... This is such a great post and you write well too

    1. Thanks for inspiring. I write travel, I live Travel, I own Travel... :)


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