Media – A Double edged Sword


What is Media

Media is communication outlet or tool used to store and share information or data. Media is undergoing a revolution or transformation.

There are basically two types of media: 
1) Print media e.g. newspapers, magazines
2) Electronic media e.g. television, radio, internet 
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What media cover
1) National interests
2) The democratic spirit
3) Spreading awareness
4) Watchdog against the executive and legislative activities

Is the Indian media a big threat to the nation?
Media is rather a general term. Electronic and print media, nowadays often playing the role of passing judgement and opinions by its logic and that's the biggest threat to the nation.
Freedom of Press is a fundamental right - Article 19.1(A) – in our country. It is the
moral duty of the media to show the truth and that too at the right time.

Nowadays media plays a vital role in governance. It is due to the role of the media that more Indians are aware of their constitutional rights. Many famous cases that would have gone unpunished were brought into the limelight only because of media reporting. But what we see in many cases is that media is exploiting the freedom they are given. Media activism has become a threat to many aspects.

The main problem with media is that it conducts a trial of an accused and pass verdicts before the case is decided by the judiciary thereby posing a threat to the person's right to a fair trial. 
Like freedom of press/media, right to a fair trial is also a fundamental right (implicit right). When media is conducting their own trials they are denying the accused his right to privacy and right to a fair trial. What happens as a result of this is that an atmosphere is created such that the accused, even if acquitted, will not be able to live the rest of his life without ‘public scrutiny’. 

Media cannot give back the person his previous image. His life is left for humiliation by the public. 

All they (media) need is an exclusive rating to keep them on top. Freedom of expression must balance to right to privacy and fair trial but what happens here is media trails involves under the influence in the administration of justice. There are a number of cases happened in India where media proved wrong.

For example- the Supreme court in one of its verdict after 26/11 attack blamed news channels for the live coverage of the terror attack.


According to the supreme court,
''Any attempt to justify the conduct of the TV channels by citing the right to freedom of speech and expression would be totally wrong and unacceptable in such situation.
The freedom of speech and expression like all other freedoms under article 19 is subjected to reasonable restrictions. An action tending to violate another person right to life granted under article 21 or putting the national security in jeopardy can never be justified by taking the plea of freedom of speech and expression."

What should actually the media has to do
1) Accuracy in reporting
2) Reporting based on facts/evidence 
3) Neutrality and impartiality
4) Reporting must not intrude on the privacy of anyone
5) Reporting must ensure that just delegation is not covered as a fact and charges are not conveyed as an act of guilt.
6) Reporting must not encourage superstition and occultism(black magic)

What is media doing
1) Sensationalism at the cost of the critical issue
2) Try to prove Non-real issue than the real issue
3) Twisting facts
4) Paid news
5) Superstition

These some examples will help you to understand why media is a threat to the nation

* Extensive coverage of 2008 Mumbai attacks at the cost of national security
* Extensive coverage of Aarushi murder case at the cost of privacy laws
* Extensive coverage of Nirbhaya rape case at the cost of conducting media trial and prejudice to the accused
* Recently news spread that in Uttar Pradesh near the Son Bhadra 3500 tonnes gold discovered but actually according to GSI it was only 160 kg.  

In these days, paid news demand rising because it is a practice of cash payments or equivalent to journalist and media organization by individuals cooperates and political organization so as to appear in their news frequently on every minute. 

Paid news directly affects  on viewers because 

" If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating  it, people will eventually come to  believe it" 
- Joseph Goebbels
So, Keep cross check news before sharing to community. It can mislead to disgust, envy, contradiction.

Be Safe, Be Sure !

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